The time is now...


The Grid

Time to go undercover as our operative to help defeat evil AI corp (Neosight) and save the future of humanity. 


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The Grid opens its undercover operation after more than 5,000 humans have shown interest to join this fight against AI and the evil Neosight. 

It is now time to show solidarity against what remains the biggest threat to humans: technology!

While you are in the Neosight's office, please make sure no one knows that you are undercover. You may also meet people who are not members of The Grid.


Operational info

Each entry costs £35 which includes 1h30m of a shocking experience and two cocktails



Ops open: Sep 1 2018

Opening dates: Wed - Sun

Location: Central London SE1. Full details to be sent on email after you reserve your spot



For groups of up to 8, please book using the widget below

If you have a bigger booking than 8, please get in touch at

+44 203 7452 894


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Reserve here

Only limited availability

Don't mention The Grid or anything about us. Remember you are undercover and are going to Neosight's HQ!

A Lollipop Project


Lollipop have successfully cracked the code of immersive cocktail experiences

- Forbes

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The Grid is the sister project of some of the world's most known immersive experiences

ABQ London/Paris

World famous molecular cocktail experience

The Bletchley

Code breaking meets cocktails in London 

The Bunyadi

The only truly naked restaurant in London


So if ‘Black Mirror’ had you feeling blue, take the edge off with a couple of drinks at The Grid

- Timeout